Best Water Purifier in India Review + Discount Coupon

Best water purifier in India Review

  Today I am going to tell you about the best water purifier in India. To analyze what makes a water purifier best, we will look on these parameters and talk about them one by one.
  1. Warranty
  2. Cost
  3. Free Services
  4. Free Installation
  5. Discounts on Regular Services
  6. Exchange Offer
  7. Water Storage Capacity
  8. Water Purification Per Hour
  9. Power Consumption in Watts
  10. Cost Per Service
  11. Included technologies like RO UV UF etc
  12. Real Purification Stages
  13. On demand Customization
  14. Fake Alarms vs Service Reminders
  15. Discounts
Let’s Start with Warranty first.


Our best water purifier in India comes with a 5 year Warranty. YES you read it correctly 5 years Warranty. This is the first water purifier in India to offer such a great warranty.

Purchase cost

When you look at the warranty offered you might think that this water purifier would be very expensive. But no the purchase price that you need to pay is Just Rs 6000. This Water purifier is the best because it is attractively priced along with the best warranty in India. By now you definitely want to know which water purifier we are talking about. If that is the case let me tell you its name, the best water purifier in India AquaFresh Prime. Let’s continue reading about the other benefits and features you get with AquaFresh prime.

Service Charges Free Services For the first 2 years

This is where all the things get very interesting. I assume you are not familiar with this term FREE SERVICES. Let me tell you what it is. AquaFresh Prime the best water purifier in India comes with 2 Years of Absolutely no service charges offer. You only pay for the filters/consumables that are installed at the time of service and no labor charges or visiting charges are ever required by you.

Service Charges, Discounted For the years 3-4 and 5

This is where you will already want to buy AquaFresh prime. When you have crossed 2 years with this AquaFresh prime water purifier, your service charges will start with a reduced rate of just 50%. What this means is you only pay half the service charges on every service. As of now the company charges just Rs 300 Per service. So you will pay only half of this.

Exchange Offer

When you buy the best water purifier the AquaFresh prime you can also exchange your old water purifier. This gives you some benefit of getting a cashback on your old machine. This offer is exclusively available with purchase of any water purifier from the Now let’s talk about the Features and Technologies in The best water purifier of India

Water Storage Capacity

AquaFresh prime offers different models with water storage capacity from 7 litres and up to 15 litres. The 15 litres option is very useful if you have a larger family and you can just fill it up once a day and enjoy fresh and pure water without worrying about water finishing up or any issues due to power cuts.

Water Purification per Hour

Most water purifiers only purify 10-12 litres of water in an hour. But our best water purifier AquaFresh Prime is capable of purifying up to 16 litres in an hour. How? Because the pump used in AquaFresh Prime is of very high Quality which is able to deliver upto 16 liters per hour.

Power Consumption in Watts

Most branded water purifiers consume 45 to 60 watts of power which is such a waste of electricity. Your AquaFresh Prime water Purifier uses only 24 watts of electricity to purify the water. You save a lot of electricity when you use the AquaFresh Prime water purifiers.

Cost per Service

When you buy a water purifier for home, you must think carefully as the service cost is a very major factor in owning a water purifier. Every service for a branded hifi water purifier will cost you between 1500 and 2500. This is a very hefty bill because you are required to service at least 3 times a year. Which is a compulsion these days as algae formation starts, if your RO parts are not cleaned every 3 months. Even the tank in which your fresh water is stored will get sticky because of the fresh water algae formation that usually starts in 4-5 months. Your AquaFresh Prime will cost you 600 to 1000 per service that is the max it goes.

Technologies in your Best Water Purifier

AquaFresh Prime water purifier is equipped with the following 12 technologies.
  • RO
  • UV
  • UF
  • TDS Controller
  • Sediment Filter
  • Carbon Filter
  • Pre Filter
  • Alkaline
  • Mineral
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-Oxidant
The use of all the Latest technologies and a very economical price makes Aquafresh Prime the best water purifier in India.

Genuine Purification Stages of AquaFresh Prime Water Purifier.

AquaFresh Prime water Purifier uses 7 genuine step by step water purification stages and 1 water mixing stage as mentioned below.
  • Pre Filter ( Purification Stage)
  • Sediment Filter ( Purification Stage)
  • Carbon Filter ( Purification Stage)
  • RO ( Purification Stage)
  • TDS Controller ( mixing Stage + Will not be used if TDS is above 200)
  • UV ( Purification Stage)
  • UF ( Purification Stage)
  • Alkaline ( Purification Stage)

On Demand Water Purifier Customization

This option you can only get with AquaFresh Prime Water Purifier, you can call and ask the Aquafresh Prime customer support to help you add more stuff to you Ro machine, suppose you want to add 3 pre filters instead of 1. You may want to change the body of your water purifier and get some stylish design. You may wish to add a clear water tank and many such customization that you may have thought of. Just call and ask if that option is available and you are good to go.

No Stupid Alarms, No Forced Services. Just the best Water Purifier for you.

These days companies are trying to make the service of your RO water purifiers a compulsion. To enforce this idea they are installing a mechanism called filter fail alarm which will choke your water filter and you will not get water until you call the company and they replace the filer. So you will end up paying for the service charges along with the price of the spares. And in case you are late to call for service you will be left with no pure water until they fix it for you. Fail safe alarms are not necessary if you as a customer just remain aware that clean and pure water is your need. AquaFresh Prime takes care of this very efficiently, they call and alert you about the upcoming service and you don’t miss even a single day of your pure water.

About AquaFresh Prime

AquaFresh Prime Water Purifies is a branded company located in Faridabad. AquaFresh Prime is a registered trademark as per Indian Gov. Records. These days you see many websites and stores claiming themselves as AquaFresh, but the real AquaFresh is here. The AquaFresh Prime.

Final Take

All these best features, cost, warranty, real purification stages, and the service that this company provides makes AquaFresh Prime the best water purifier in India. I hope this will help you in choosing the best water purifier for home. If you have any questions please leave them below in the comments section. Before you leave Please rate this article by clicking on the stars below. This will help other people to find this useful Information.
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