6 Gifts To Buy And Gift On Christmas When You Are Broke!

Are you excited about Christmas? Okay, that was a very lame question to ask, off course you are and why not, Christmas brings lots and lots of fun elements along. Starting from decorating the Christmas tree, to baking Christmas plum cake, the festive vibe generally begins with the start of December.

Oh, that reminds me that Santa claus is coming to town. Though we all know that Santa Clause is on his way since very long now (maybe he has lost his way), but kids still hang stockings at the fireplace in the hope that Santa will soon pay a visit to them along with Christmas gifts.

That same hope gives you an opportunity to be a secret Santa for your loved ones. Yes, your secret Santa is one of your family people only. I did not want to break it to you like this, but that is exactly where our Xmas gifts came from when we were kids.

Exchanging Christmas gifts is an age-old tradition. Well, the fun of exchanging Christmas gifts can turn into a headache if you are broke. It can be challenging to look out for gifts on a budget, especially when the price tags of some products can freak you out. But that doesn’t mean that you will not be participating in giving or receiving gifts this time.

That is why I have curated a list of affordable gifts that will not shake your bank balance. Let’s begin!

Fragrant candles

Everyone sure loves aroma around them, right? Now, don’t start to load yourself with deodorants and perfumes because that won’t help. Here I’m talking about that mild aroma in your living spaces. Yes, your living space can also be fragrant with the help of scented candles. It is an excellent option as it is a festival season, and scented candles are ideal for creating a festive vibe. Also, candles are an important element of the Christmas celebration. Another benefit of this gift is that you get a wide option when it comes to scented candles that can suit any kind of budget. Go for some beautiful and mildly scented candles.

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Handwriting jewelry

I know many of you must have already started questioning how can jewelry be included in budget-friendly gift ideas, right? Its a pronounced reaction but save your reactions because I’m not talking about real gold or platinum jewelry. It is just gold or silver plated that cuts on the cost. As the name indicates, the handwriting jewelry is made in the actual handwriting of a particular person. The gift is really a timeless one, and something very personal as actual writing is used in the jewelry pieces. And despite being so unique, it is surprisingly inexpensive, and you can find such services online easily. It is a perfect gift because most people love jewelry.

Sleep aid device

What is the most important thing in life? Sleep! Of course, after food. Here is a product designed especially for one thing and one thing only, and that is sleep! If you really love your family, you would surely want them to have a good night’s sleep, and what if you could gift one? Yes, this gadget helps people have a sweet sleep, actually it teaches people to fall asleep naturally and that too without taking any medicines. You must be wondering that such gadgets are mostly pricey. But not this one, you can check the price of this magic product, it is completely affordable. According to me, it is an ideal gift if budget is your concern.

Christmas plum cake

Well, food reminds me of something very important for a Christmas celebration, and that is a plum cake. Thus, plum cakes can be ideal for sending as Christmas gifts online. I just saw the eyes of all the sweet lovers glow up. When everything else fails and doesn’t fall under your budget, it then, when this delicious cake comes to your rescue. Bake one yourself and impress your friends and family.


So, these were some of the budget-friendly gifts. Go ahead! Make everyone happy without making your wallet sad. Let the countdown for Christmas begin in full spirit.

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