14 beautiful Facts about Money Plant ( Lucky plant )

Money Plant the universal Lucky Plant

In every 2nd family, you can discover a money plant flowering in its glory. This beautiful plant is thought about as a lucky plant which brings wealth, health, prosperity and joy in the home. This amazing plant is likewise understood as lucky plant , Malabar Chestnut or saba nut.

There are numerous truths that you should know. For example, money plant in Feng Shui is thought about to be a lucky plant that brings monetary gain and great fortune. However, the money plant is also grown in your home as an indoor plant to contribute to the décor. It would be awesome to know some unexpected realities about money plant if you have lucky home.

14 Facts About Money Plant

  1.  If grown in the wild, this plant can grow into a 50-60 feet tall tree.
  2. If grown in a container, this lucky plant can just reach 10-15 feet tall.
  3. It is one of the fascinating realities about this small lucky plant.
  4. Each branch of this plant has 5 leaves which grow 12 inches long.
  5. They are bright green in color and shiny too.
  6. The velvety white flowers of this lucky plant has a strong smell which attracts butterflies, bats and bees.
  7. One of the incredible truths about money plant is, it also has seeds.
  8. We have actually never ever spotted any seed in and around lucky plant, the plant produces seeds that grow inside the pods.
  9. The seeds ultimately expand and burst hence falling on the ground.
  10. The five leaves of the lucky plant represent 5 symbols. In Feng Shui, the 5 leaves of the branch represent the 5 aspects of Feng Shui; metal, wood, earth, fire and water.
  11. It is an unexpected reality to know that the fresh leaves of money plant can be consumed.
  12. The young leaves and flowers of lucky plant are prepared as vegetables and even used as ingredients.
  13. Even the seeds of money plant can be consumed. It is said that the seeds of money plant taste like individuals and peanuts roast the seeds and have it as a snack.
  14. The seeds are grounded and used as a flour for baking dishes.
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