Affiliate Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Many successful brands have realized how effective affiliate marketing can be. More and more players are entering the game each year and the affiliate marketing landscape is constantly changing. No matter which side of the deal you are on, these are the most important affiliate marketing trends you need to watch out for in 2020.

Content Remains King - The Most Important Affiliate Marketing Trend of 2020

Content will remain the most vital part of affiliate marketing in 2020—as it has always been. Sites and businesses are focusing on delivering quality content that appeals to both the consumer and Google.

We can expect even more affiliates to start producing rich audio-visual content. The creativity of the content will become central.

The traditional approach to content will still reign supreme, but we will see more images, videos, and slideshows. To bolster their promotional efforts, businesses will continue to create relevant buying guides, editorials, how-to articles, and other educational pieces.

Optimizing for Voice Search

Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant are fundamentally changing the way people search the internet. Affiliates will have to focus on optimizing for voice searches if they want to evolve with the changing times.

Traditional SEO practices differ greatly from voice search optimization. In order to rank better, SEO specialists will have to focus more on long-tail keywords that are used as voice commands as well as on natural language in general. Giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are already focusing on voice search. 

The Affiliate World Will Continue to Grow

Casino operators depend greatly on affiliate programs. They have proven to be invaluable assets. A single reputable casino affiliate can send a lot of traffic to the platform they are promoting. Because of that, it’s not unusual for a casino affiliate to earn a commission between 30% to 50%.

W can expect even more seasoned SEO export to start focusing on developing affiliate networks for online casino operators. The bond between Casinos and SEO experts is so strong that SEO-driven affiliate marketing used to be the only marketing channel for many online casino platforms.

However, online gaming streaming threatens to change that. Twitch has shown to be a great platform for affiliates. We can expect to see even more streamers who are solely dedicated to casino streaming.

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Focus on Off-Beat Categories

Niches like travel, fashion, and electronics will continue to dominate the shopping industry, but we will also see a surge in off-beat categories like jewellery, groceries, and medicine.

The average amount of disposable income per family is increasing and people’s lifestyles are constantly changing. Because of these factors, more consumers are turning to the internet to buy groceries and medicine.

E-commerce platforms are able to deliver everyday items in just a few hours, thanks to their top-notch supply chains. These improvements will continue to boost off-beat categories. Affiliates can expect to earn bigger commissions on these products.

Push Traffic Could Slow Down

When it comes to search engine ranking tactics, White Hat SEO is taking precedence. White Hat SEO refers to SEO practices that comply with the rules of major search engines. Push ads and push notifications may become obsolete very soon.

People are getting tired of this trend, even though push notifications are still an effective tool in e-commerce. Major browsers have made it easier for users to block push notifications and pop-ups. Push traffic will become less relevant as more people are opting out of push ads.

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​Mobile Phone Marketing

Even now, affiliates and affiliate programs cannot afford to overlook mobile phone affiliate marketing. Mobile accounts for almost 50% of world internet traffic. That number will only grow bigger in the next year.

Affiliates will shift their focus to developing new tools, tactics, and offers tailored to the mobile audience. As mobile traffic increases, so will the popularity of Instagram and therefore the popularity of influencers.

Influencer marketing and affiliate marketing operate differently. However, we can see a few hybrid marketing relationships in which the two types of marketing have merged. More businesses are paying influences to promote their products through posts plus commission.


Affiliate marketing will remain a very effective way of generating sales. It will keep growing and new trends will emerge in the following years. To remain relevant, affiliates and affiliate programs will continue to develop new tactics and strategies to improve their affiliate marketing efforts.

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