Why Scent Shot Is The Next Perfume Revolution?

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When it comes to perfumes and deodorants, we try to keep our fragrance apart from others. We might admire or love a scent worn by someone else. But we always make sure not to wear the same scent as that person in the same circle of friends or people.

We put in so many efforts and work in deciding the fragrance and choosing it carefully. Why not take it to the next level with the revolutionary fragrance box available just for you – Scent Shot.

Perfume Scent Shot

One Scent Shot Pack Many Benefits

Scent Shot is much more than just a box of perfume. Every pack of Scent Shot contains seven international perfumes filled in tester vials. All these vials have spray nozzles on top of them so that it is rather easy for you to use them all at your own convenience.

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Along with this, there is a carry case in this pack in which you can simply slip one perfume vial at a time and carry it around discreetly. No one will know you have perfume in your bag. This carry case helps in keeping the perfume vial safe from heat, light or any other external damage.

These perfume shots are so handy and easy to use that they will become an immense part of your lifestyle and you will be amazed at the results. You can keep the box in your car, on your desk, drawer or carry it with you wherever you go. This perfume box kit has taken care of your every single need and your busy lifestyle, fitting into it perfectly.

Great For Travelers

People who love to travel around and fulfill their wanderlust often worry about their body odor. They are unable to carry perfumes in bags and cabin luggage due to the size restrictions and flight rules. Relying on deodorant is the only option but the perfumed body sprays are usually not enough to give you desired fragrance for long hours.

Deodorant body sprays are lightweight and easy to carry but they contain least perfume essence concentration, which affects the longevity of the scent. Moreover, due to being compressed in a can, some of the airlines refrain from allowing them onboard.

Scent Shots are Safe for flight

Scent Shot Perfume box is a bliss for travelers. It is concise and concealed. If you are leaving for a couple of days or a weekend trip, take one perfume vial packed in the carry case and you are good to go. In case the trip is longer, you can keep the entire box in your cabin luggage or backpack without worrying about it to break or get damaged.

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Since the quantity of each vial is to the limited and it is not packed in compressed tin cans but clear glass or plastic vials with a spray nozzle on top, these are mostly allowed on flights. However, it is advisable to confirm first before taking it with you. For backpackers, Shot perfumes are great as it fits into the backpack with ease allowing you to carry it around and use whenever you feel like.

High-end Luxury Available in The Budget

This perfume kit allows you to get a taste of luxury at the cheapest possible price. You will get 7 international perfumes packed in one box. Each perfume comes from top-selling international brand known for its high-end fragrance quality. If you will buy them individually, it will cost a fortune.

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However, in this box, they are marked at an unbelievably cheap price. You will get perfumes from brands like Chris Adams, Lomani, Baug Sons, Creation, MPF, Mural De Ruitz and such top-selling international French and oriental perfume brands.

Having 7 international perfumes in one box gives you the freedom of using them according to your mood and occasion. Let everyone be surprised and wonder what fragrance you will be wearing the next day.

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